How to Hitchhike Two Police Cars In One Day

There Is Always A WEI


The First Police Car

Two policemen came out of the car. Although it was raining and cloudy, one of them was still in sunglasses. They looked sufficiently intimidating.

Police: What are you guys doing?
We: We are trying to hitchhike to Leiden.
Police: it’s dangerous here! Do you know? You could get hit!
We: We thought it was a good spot.
Police: It was! That’s why we changed things around here and now nobody stops here!
We: eh……
Police: Seriously, you could get yourself killed by the traffic.
We: eh……
Police: Come inside the car! We will drive you to the nearest gas station.

We were thus saved. Instead of threatening to shoot you or have to hanfcuff you, we got a ride from the police right away to a nearby gas station to continue hitchhiking.

The perk of hitchhiking a police car was that …… They would…

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